“And I’m like, and she was like, awesome, super, I mean, so, er, um” – we all do it, but we don’t have to.

Crutch words, filler words and overused words just clutter up our speech. And I’m Like is a fun way to bring attention to when we use these words. Whether you think of this as a game or as we prefer to call it, an edugame; it’s harder than it sounds!

And I’m Like also challenges you to be creative, use your imagination and think on your feet, all while trying to avoid those pesky crutch words. Play And I’m Like in the background of regular conversation or use Q Cards.

How to Play

  1. Assign 5 Like Chips to each player and stack them on their respective colored section on the game board.
  2. Mutually agree on a set of Buzz Words and arrange them face up on the table. Use the blank cards to add any additional words you wish to include.
  3. And I’m Like can played in the background of regular conversation or with the use Q Cards to generate conversation. If you use the Q Cards, pick one of the three categories: Question, Story, Improv and address the opponent to your left.
  4. For an added challenge you can require the Q Card response to last 30 seconds by using the timer. We recommend the two way Improv challenges last 60 seconds by flipping the timer over again. Stop the timer anytime someone buzzes in to allow score adjustments.
  5. Buzz in if you hear an opponent say one of the preselected Buzz Words and steal one of their chips if you pressed the buzzer first.*
  6. A player that loses all their chips is out
  7. The first player to reach 10 chips wins
  8. *Optional rule: the player that accidentally uses one of the Buzz Words can restructure/rephrase their sentence to avoid losing their Like chip.

Buzz Words:

At the beginning of the game decide which other overused words you want to include in the game. Lay them face up next to the game board. Choose as many Buzz Word cards as you like and feel free to add your own using the blank cards.


Q Cards fall into three categories that spark dialogue, collaborative story telling and interesting discussion that often leads to hilarious exchanges:

Question: Discover something new about your opponent when they’re asked to open up on any given topic.

Story: An opening line kicks off the adventure.  Let your opponent take the story in whatever direction they wish. Keep passing the story  off to the player on the  left to watch it take on a life of its own.  Player reading the card chooses whether to fill in the blank or have the opponent complete it.

Improv: Intriguing set up scenarios create lively back and forth banter with your opponent that’s likely to have everyone engaged. Player reading the card chooses whether to fill in the blank or have the opponent complete it.

How to like, stop

Reducing or eliminating overused words and crutch words can be tricky initially but here are some useful tips and techniques to get you started.

  1. Be aware – You have to be aware of how you speak. Record yourself talking. Play it back and even transcribe it, highlighting all the times you use crutch words and overused words.And I’m Like is specifically designed to gamify this process, so that friends and family can keep each other in check. Clikeometers are also a useful tool from tracking.
  2. Slow it down– When you speak fast, you don’t allow yourself to think and this promotes the use of crutch words.
  3. Don’t be afraid to pause – Often we insert filler words to prevent others from jumping in before we have finished what we are saying. However, try taking a breath between thoughts, you’ll be surprised how effective a pause can actually be, in making your point.

School Campaign – “No One Likes Mondays”

A message to teachers and educators: We believe And I’m Like… can be integrated into a school campaign aimed at reducing or eliminating the overuse of the word like and other filler words. Please contact us to learn more.


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